Fun Rainy Days

Uggggh! I want to go outside and explore but it’s raining!

Oh man, look at all the rain!

Oh man, look at all the rain!

Hey bro, it’s alright, we can still explore . . . But we’re just doing it inside.

Huh. I never thought of it that way . . . Maybe we can do it inside!

Let's go explore . . .

Let’s go explore . . .

Oh boy what fun this is!

Yeah! Well, where do you want to explore?

Hmmmmmmm? Wait I’ve never been there before. Let’s go! 

What's behind the door?

What’s behind the door?

Wow! This is really fun! C’mon bro, help me up!

Help me up bro . . .

Help me up bro . . .

Look at me I’m at the top of the world!

On top of the world!

On top of the world!

You mean’ We’re at the top of the world.

Uhh . . . opps. I’m sorr- Wait what’s that?


Meow . . . I mean "Boo"

Meow . . . I mean “Boo”


Nooooo . . . !

Nooooo . . . !

Heh heh. I got them again!


Party Animals

Ugh! I’m bored bro! Let’s go do something!

What do you suppose we do? Have a party?

I'm bored . . .

I’m bored . . .

YEAH! Let’s do that! It sounds fun! I’ll type up the guest list on my tablet thingy!

I'll use my tablet thingy . . .

I’ll use my tablet thingy . . .

I’ll send out the invites!

It’s done! Everybody we know who’s nice to us is on the list!

Guest List

Guest List

Later . . . .

Wow! This party is awesome! Weeeeeeeewwwww! 

I have to admit it: you might be right about that. This is pretty fun.

Party on Toado!  Party on Toady!

Party on Toado! Party on Toady!

Meanwhile . . .

Hello Bob. Nice shades. What’s with all the hub-bub?

Toado and Toady are throwing a party . . . 

Nifty!   Am I on the list? My name’s Toadette.

I know who you are.  Let me check . . . Ummmm, nope. You’re not on the list. I’ll double check with the Toad dudes.

So Bob, what's with the shades?

So Bob, what’s with the shades?

Hey Toado! This “Toadette” chick wants to crash, but she’s not on the list.  Should I give her the boot?

Hey boys, some fungus chick wants to crash . . .

Hey boys, some fungus chick wants to crash . . .

Oh no!  The pain . . . she hurts me soooo much . . . .

Ummm, I think so Bob.   She’s been mean to us Toads.  Besides, I don’t wanna mess with all the good party vibes.  She’s not allowed.  Keep that fungus out!

Don't let that Toadette suck the good vibes from the party . . .

Don’t let that Toadette suck the good vibes from the party . . .

Meanwhile outside:

Maybe I should be nicer to those fungi . . . .

Maybe I should be kinder to those toads . . .

Maybe I should be kinder to those toads . . .

Hmmmmm, on second thought . . . nahhh.

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

No more Mr. Nice Guy!

Time Terror

Oh yeah. Being a Cephalopod is sooooo cool!

I'm nifty :)

I’m nifty 🙂

Ummm… You’re Eggy’s brother, right? Hi, my name’s Toadette. Have they mentioned me?

Nice to meet you . . .

Nice to meet you . . .

Hmmm, I don’t think so.  But nice to meet you.  Can I help you?

Yes. I would like you to give this watch to Eggy and his two Toad friends, as a gift to them from me. 

Hand over my watch gift, please?

Hand over my watch gift, please?

No problem. I’ll give it to them.

*****meanwhile, a few hours later**********

Hey guys! Check this out! 

Here's your watch . . .

Here’s your watch . . .

Oh wow! It’s a watch! Yippee!

Sweet!  Where’d you find it bro?

Someone named Toadette wanted me to give it to you guys.

Toadette?!  She’s our archnemesis!   How could you be so foolish Iggy? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

Not Toadette!  Ahhhhhh!!

Not Toadette! Ahhhhhh!!




Mwahahaha! That chunky cephalopod Iggy played right into my trap. Who knew he’d fall for it? Oh yeah, I knew he’d fall for it. Being Evil is fun.

Ha, ha!  I'm evil.

Ha, ha! I’m evil. 😉

Cuckoo for Crayons?

Hey, Eggy! Did you try to put a potato in your hat again?

Eggy, whatcha doin'?

Eggy, whatcha doin’?

Ya . . .  I guess I did.  Oh man . . . I guess I’m not the smartest knife in the crayon box.

Yup, I'm potato-y!

Yup, I’m potato-y!

What?!  Wait, did you say knife?  Why would you keep knives in a crayon box?

What?!  Knives?

What?! Knives?

Ummm . . . I don’t like to talk about it.

I don't like to talk about it  . . .

I don’t like to talk about it . . .

Perfect Couple? Part 1

Oh no! It’s Toadette!


Eeeek! Toadette!

And she’s with somebody! 


I’m Shroomy, Toadette’s sister 🙂

Oh be quiet you silly toads! I just wanted you to meet my new sister, Shroomy.

Oh you’re diabolical and . . . Heyyyyyyy, who’s the cutie?

I’m Shroomy. Who are you?

Nyahahaha. You’re purty. I’m Toady.

You’re cute!

Bro, what’s happening to you?! You look strange. Are you sick?

Yup . . . I got it soooo bad . . . LOVE sickness!

I got it bad . . . !!

So, Shroomy,  wanna hang out some time? Just you and me. . .

Sure! You seem like a nice guy. Let’s go.

YAY! My first Girlfriend! Yippee!

Yay! I’ve got a girlfriend!

NOOOO brother! The horror! WHHHHHHYYYYY?!

NOOOO!  How could you sister?! Why?

Oh no!

What? You don’t like this either, Toadette?

What if we teamed up against this?  To break up the couple . . . 

Hmmm, I never thought I’d say this but. . . Truce?

Truce. Let’s do this! ( and as quickly as possible. This guy smells )



S’up peeps! Toady and I have something pretty epic to show you.

Yeah! It’s gonna be sooo cool!

So, this is us before the epicness . . . Is epicness even a word? Anyways, two normal ‘shrooms here.

A couple of regular ‘shrooms . . .

F.Y.I, those two “normal” toads are us.

SHAZAM! Superheroes! Bet you didn’t see that one coming? It is I, Super-Toad!

I’m his partner, Toady-Man! We are soooooo epic!

Super Toads!

Wow! Who are you guys? You look like two other toads I know, but they don’t have your fashion sense.

Who are you, mysterious superheroes?

Hmmm… These two toads sound pretty epic. You should bake them some cookies or something.

Toady! We can’t abuse our powers to get cookies.  We’re superheroes! We have to be selfless, not selfish.

Cookies for being a superhero?!   That doesn’t sound right.  Hmmm . . . this is all very suspicious.  I think I need to go away . . . 

Meanwhile .  .  . 

So, Toady-man, what do you wanna do now?

Let’s go eat cookies!! I just love cookies! 

Mwahahaha! It is I, the Masked Bandit! I’ve come to destroy you and steal your cookies! 

The Masked Bandit

Eggy? Is that you? What happened?

I decided to become a villain who beats up mushrooms and steals their cookies! I am sooo bad.

Come on Toady-man.  Let’s get him! For the cookies!

Yeah! Let’s avenge the cookies!  The Masked Bandit  will suffer!  Bring it on!

Dog pile! Woo-hoo!

Dog pile!

Noooooo! Foiled by two toads in spandex! Why cruel fate?! Whhhyyy?!

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Mushrooms and Octopi. Same toad time.  Same toad channel.