Christmas Joy

Hey peeps! Check out the loot Santa gave us!  We must have been really good fungi–hee, hee.

Lego sets galore! Yippee! Check it out!  I have this cool plane.  It has Iron-Man and there’s even this little floating skiff with Loki.

Cool Lego Avenger's jet

Cool Lego Avenger’s jet

I got this little S.H.I.E.L.D cage along with a little jet piloted by Hawkeye!  Thor and Hulk are watching over a caged Loki–that dude is bad news.

I got Loki's prison on Sheild's heli-carrier

I got Loki’s prison on SHIELD’s helicarrier

Besides the Lego sets,  we got iPods. Now we can listen to music whenever we want.

Yeah! It’s so much fun!

Now we can listen to cool tunes ;)

Now we can listen to cool tunes 😉

Don’t worry! Santa didn’t forget me! Look at all this candy! Omi-nom, nom!


Yummy candy!!

We just love Christmas!  Hey peeps, how were your holidays?