Perfect Couple? Part 1

Oh no! It’s Toadette!


Eeeek! Toadette!

And she’s with somebody! 


I’m Shroomy, Toadette’s sister 🙂

Oh be quiet you silly toads! I just wanted you to meet my new sister, Shroomy.

Oh you’re diabolical and . . . Heyyyyyyy, who’s the cutie?

I’m Shroomy. Who are you?

Nyahahaha. You’re purty. I’m Toady.

You’re cute!

Bro, what’s happening to you?! You look strange. Are you sick?

Yup . . . I got it soooo bad . . . LOVE sickness!

I got it bad . . . !!

So, Shroomy,  wanna hang out some time? Just you and me. . .

Sure! You seem like a nice guy. Let’s go.

YAY! My first Girlfriend! Yippee!

Yay! I’ve got a girlfriend!

NOOOO brother! The horror! WHHHHHHYYYYY?!

NOOOO!  How could you sister?! Why?

Oh no!

What? You don’t like this either, Toadette?

What if we teamed up against this?  To break up the couple . . . 

Hmmm, I never thought I’d say this but. . . Truce?

Truce. Let’s do this! ( and as quickly as possible. This guy smells )



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