A Walk in the Woods

Ah, this is the life . . . . just hanging out in a tree, enjoying nature.  I like nature.

Ahhh . . .

Hey, bro!  How ’bout these cool rocks  check ’em out.

Which one is the rock ? Ha ha!

Which one is the rock?

Hey bro, look it’s our cousin Earl.  He only hangs out on trees. Hee, hee!

One fun guy with another fungi 😉

We like hangin’ out on trees too!

Two tree-lovin' bros . . .

Yup, this is awesome!  Great views, fresh air . . . we’re a pair of  lucky ‘shrooms.

What a beautiful pond

The pond

You said it bro.  We sure are lucky 🙂

Life is good

Enjoy your weekend, li’l peeps, ‘cuz we’re gonna enjoy ours 🙂