An Eggy History

Hi! This is Toado and Toadie. We’re just looking up Eggy’s history on the Interweb.

Ahhh, this is how that dastardly cephalopod came into creation. Some knit-wit made him.

We should have known that some knit-wit decided to make him–from a pattern no less!  What’s wrong with humans?!

Aren’t we human?

Uhmmm, I choose not to answer that foolish question, you silly spore head.  And check out those striped tentacles . . . haha, he’s held together with fluff and string.  Hmmmm, then why is he so evil?

Hee, hee, stripes are soooo last week

Maybe we should find out about his family tree?  Maybe the fluff is evil?  Or maybe the yarn came from some evil sheepies (no sheepies . . . bad sheepies).

But he’s not even made of wool . . .he’s acrylic!  Maybe acrylic is evil?  Maybe we need to find out more about octopi . . .

Yuck! There’s some of Eggy’s relatives! Too many slimy, gross tentacles. If I had  relatives like that, I’d be evil too.  Maybe it’s the tentacles that make him evil?

Look at all those icky tentacles

You silly spore head!  Tentacles don’t make you evil.  Look at this little guy.  He’s got tentacles and he’s sooooooo cute! Wish someone in my family was that cute . . . oh wait, I’m that cute!

Cute little octopus

Wait….. What’s this? Oh the horror! Eggy’s related to this evil monster- type thing . . .what’s a Cthulhu?! Oh no, I’m scared brother.  Hold me.

This is scary . . . No wonder Eggy is an evil monster! He’s related to that horrible creature . . . oh no, it’s an elder god from another dimension . . . the horror!

Hold me . . . I'm scared!

Oh no brother, what’s that squishy sound?  

Evil! Squishy evil!! With tentacles!!!

Bro, help me please!  It’s strangling me with those icky sticky tentacles . . . Ack!  It’s sucking my soul . . . .  Oh nooooo! Why me?!

I’ll suck you dry little toad! Mwa ha ha!

Oh no! My little spore filled soul . . . !!

Ahhhhhh . . . . !!

Hee hee!  It helps to have relatives in dark, dark places.

Hee, hee . . . I'm evil 😉

That should take care of those annoying little funghi.