Silly Spiders

Oh god! Toadette’s attacking me with her pencil spear!  NOOOOOOOO! I’m too attractive to die!

Time to get it Eggy!  Mwahahaha! Being evil is fun.

Oh no . . . . !!!!

Oh no . . . . !!!!

Not so fast Toadette! You won’t harm that octopus!

What? Who are you?  Mr. Goody Two Shoes?

I’m Octo-Spider and I’m here to put a end to your reign of terror!

I'm Octo-Spider!

I’m Octo-Spider!

Oh yeah . . .  right. I’ll put a stop to your little mischief ending, “Octo-Spider”.

Oh yeah, sure you will . . .

Oh yeah, sure you will . . .

Oh yeah? Take this! Web spray activate!

Ahhhhhh! You can spray sticky webs? Yikes! I’m all trapped in your sticky ooze!

Nooooo . . . .!!!

Nooooo . . . .!!!

And now. . . I’m gonna hang you upside-down now!

Eek! Curse you Octo-Spider!

Whaaaaa . . . . !!

Whaaaaa . . . . !!

Thanks Octo-Spider! I guess things are all wrapped up here! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I’m sooooo funny!

Hahahaha! You are pretty funny citizen. I guess the day’s saved for now.


A Cephalopod Christmas

Hello everybody! Eggy here. Everybody loves the Christmas holidays, but those Toads only mess around and play, so I’ve decided to do some work for a change!

I'm Santa's Helper!

I’m Santa’s Helper!

I’m kinda Santa’s little helper.   First I had to get the tree.  It’s pretty big–so big it almost touches the ceiling! 

Tree is touching the ceiling!

Tree is touching the ceiling!

Then I decorated it from top to bottom, although there was a light on the tree that didn’t light on one side.

Ta-da! A decorated tree!

Ta-da! A decorated tree!

I even wrapped all the presents ( and a few other things too–hee, hee)!

Mrrrpppphhh . . .

Mrrrpppphhh . . .

I hope Santa rewards my hard work with gifts!

I've been a good li'l cephalapod . . .

I’ve been a good li’l cephalopod . . .

Happy holidays everybody! Enjoy your time off ‘cuz I sure will!

Bros and Brains

I’m so excited!  I got a bro!  Take that, you silly Toads!

I’m so excited!

Sup.  My name’s Iggy.

Sup . . .

Pardon my bro.  He’s still being born . . . umm, maybe he’s being assembled . . . by the way, what is that white stuff sticking out of your head?

What’s this white stuff?

OMG, what’s ooozing out of my head?!  Ahhhhh, it’s my brains!!!

Ahhhh . . . my brains!

What are those hands doin’ to you, bro?  Are they stitching your brains back into your melon?

Oh the pain!!

Oh the pain . . . !!!

Ahhhhh, my brains are fixed, but what the heck is wrong with my doodle?!  And where the heck are my tentacles?!

Stop pinching my doodle . . .

An Eggy History

Hi! This is Toado and Toadie. We’re just looking up Eggy’s history on the Interweb.

Ahhh, this is how that dastardly cephalopod came into creation. Some knit-wit made him.

We should have known that some knit-wit decided to make him–from a pattern no less!  What’s wrong with humans?!

Aren’t we human?

Uhmmm, I choose not to answer that foolish question, you silly spore head.  And check out those striped tentacles . . . haha, he’s held together with fluff and string.  Hmmmm, then why is he so evil?

Hee, hee, stripes are soooo last week

Maybe we should find out about his family tree?  Maybe the fluff is evil?  Or maybe the yarn came from some evil sheepies (no sheepies . . . bad sheepies).

But he’s not even made of wool . . .he’s acrylic!  Maybe acrylic is evil?  Maybe we need to find out more about octopi . . .

Yuck! There’s some of Eggy’s relatives! Too many slimy, gross tentacles. If I had  relatives like that, I’d be evil too.  Maybe it’s the tentacles that make him evil?

Look at all those icky tentacles

You silly spore head!  Tentacles don’t make you evil.  Look at this little guy.  He’s got tentacles and he’s sooooooo cute! Wish someone in my family was that cute . . . oh wait, I’m that cute!

Cute little octopus

Wait….. What’s this? Oh the horror! Eggy’s related to this evil monster- type thing . . .what’s a Cthulhu?! Oh no, I’m scared brother.  Hold me.

This is scary . . . No wonder Eggy is an evil monster! He’s related to that horrible creature . . . oh no, it’s an elder god from another dimension . . . the horror!

Hold me . . . I'm scared!

Oh no brother, what’s that squishy sound?  

Evil! Squishy evil!! With tentacles!!!

Bro, help me please!  It’s strangling me with those icky sticky tentacles . . . Ack!  It’s sucking my soul . . . .  Oh nooooo! Why me?!

I’ll suck you dry little toad! Mwa ha ha!

Oh no! My little spore filled soul . . . !!

Ahhhhhh . . . . !!

Hee hee!  It helps to have relatives in dark, dark places.

Hee, hee . . . I'm evil 😉

That should take care of those annoying little funghi.

Who’s Eggy?

Ever wonder why this blog is called Mushrooms and Octopi?  It’s because of me!  Hi!  I’m Eggy and I’m an octopus.  Those scampy funghi never let me blog, but I discovered their password.  So now its my turn to write a cool post about me! 🙂


And I am uber-cool!  Don’t believe me?  Check out out these super-spy glasses.  Only the coolest dudes wear these.  James Bond would be proud (not Roger Moore cool, but Sean Connery cool–okay Daniel Craig is acceptable too).

Uber-cool Shades

Hey dude!  What’s up with the double-cross?!  Why’d you blog-jack our online presence . . . dude, you traitor!  You will suffer our wrath!

I`m so angry . . . I had to put on my angry eyebrows

Ahhhhhh!  This is so wrong!  Toadies, I’m so sorry . . . please let me doooowwwwnnnn . . .  

Ahhhhhhhh . . . .

You trecherous cephalopod . . . this will teach you to betray our trust.

No one double-crosses us

That eight-legged dude won’t be  blog-jackin’ anymore–hee, hee! 😀

We`re crazy funghi--and a wee bit mean too. Hee, hee!