Capturing the Container Culprit

Hey bro, check out my undercover costume.  Isn’t it sweet?  Don’t I look like a bad boy?  We’re wearing undercover stuff to find out who trapped Toady and Eggy in those giant jars.

Check out my awesome disguise.

And don’t forget ’bout my triple light-sabers–aren’t they totally awesome?!

Triple Light-sabers

Don’t forget about me bro! I’m wearing a sweet cap too! Armed with a special spear, I’m ready for anything!

Check out my hat.

I really like my bobble-head pencil . . ummm, I mean spear.  It’s very cool and very jiggly.

Bobble-head Mario!!

I’m helping too! Me and the Toads have a truce until we catch who–or what–ever did this to us.  And with my bullet-proof bib and awesome glove,  I can’t be stopped!

I gotta bullet-proof bib.

With all three of us cooperating and working together, nothing can stand in our way! Let’s go hunting!

We decided to set a trap.  We think the culprit is a female.  That’s right–a girl!  So we’ve used a colourful bracelet, sparkly dangling earrings and some lipstick.  What girl could resist?

Lipstick and jewellry–oh my!

Are you sure the ladies like thus stuff?

Be quiet you!  Get the trap ready and wait until something sets it off.

The trap is ready.

*****************meanwhile, several hours later . . . .********************

Something is inside . . . .

A-ha!  Something got trapped . . .I wonder what or who is inside?

Ack!  It’s pink stuff . . . 

Ack! Pink stuff!

******************several more hours later . . . *********************************

Something else has set off the trap . . .

You’d think all that pink pony poop would have been too smelly to attract anyone or anything else . . go figure?

Oh no fellas . . .what’s this?  I’m a little scared Toads . . . 

Hey fellas, you’re cute . . .

Ahhhhhh . . . not her again.!!!!

Ack . . . no kissy face !!  Run away, runaway!!!

Ack . . . !!

Hey Toad dudes, I just found this weird note . . . check it out!  Who’s this Toadette character?


Oh man, I think we’re in for a heap of trouble . . .