A Gift . . .

As we begin the newest installment of the Toads’ adventures, they find a present waiting for them . . . 

A Secret Present

Uhmm, hey bro.  Did you order anything?  Is it your birthday  . . . or something?

Nope, dude.  It’s not my birthday.  Hmmmmm, that’s odd.  It’s not your birthday either.  Easter isn’t here yet . . . what coud this be?  And who could have sent it?

from Eggy . . .!!

OMG, it’s from our arch nemesis Eggy!

That dastardly cephalopod is one rotten egg.  He’s always up to no good . . .

But bro, maybe he’s giving us a present ‘cuz he wants to be friends again.  Maybe he’s turning into a good egg?

Hmmm .. . what's in here?

Only one way to find out. . . Let’s open up the box.

There`s something in here . . .

What is it bro?  What’s in the box?

It’s,  it’s,  it’s  . . . sooooo cute!


You`re right bro.  These little balls are so cute.  Look at their happy faces and their cute smiles.  How could anything so cute be bad?

How could these little cute balls be bad?

OMG, bro, I love these little balls of cuteness.  The little blue one matches my vest.

Mine is a little pink ball of fun . . . I love it!

A pink ball of fun!

OMG! What’s happening . . . it’s inhaling me . . . .ahhhhhh, he’s gonna eat me!  Help me bro!

OMG its eating me!

Oh the horror!  I can’t stop it!  It’s suction strength is too great . . . !  And he’s almost up to your head . . . oh the humanity!!

Brother! Save me!

OMG!  Now he’s gonna eat me too!

Now it's eating me!


Mrrf . . . blrffff

The end of Toad?




I’ve finally destroyed those troublesome toads!   Good job my little minions.  You little Kirbys were worth every penny.

Good minions

Ummmm… why are you looking at me like that? Oh No!

Oh no! Don't eat me!

Will the Kirbys eat Eggy for supper?  Are the Toads truly finished?  Will we ever see them again?  Stay tuned for next week’s installment on this ‘shroomy website at this ‘shroomy time.


Where No Toad has Gone Before . . .

And what new adventures do the Toads find themselves in today (use your best announcer voice for that one) . . . 

Hey we never saw this door before . . . 

Maybe we should check it out bro.

Hmm, what's in here . . .

Ack, the room is pink and purple!  Who lives here?

Eeek, what are those  big furry things . . . Bro, I’m scared.  Hold me.

Grrrrrrr . . . . wanna have a bear hug?


OMG! Somebody save me from this horrible fate . . . ahhhhhhhh!  These bears are too big and too hairy!

Bear hug!

Mama, mama . . .


OMG!  I’m too young to be a momma . . . and the wrong gender too!


Hey who lives in this fancy schmancy house?  It’s so purple-y and pink . . . Yuck!  Where’s the Pepto Bismal?

Fancy schmancy house

We do.  I’m Barbie and this is Belle.  What are you?

Barbie and Belle

Hubba hubba . . . you’re both so purty . . . I’m Toadie.

Uhm, I’m Toado.

Gross, you’re not perfectly plastic like Ken or GI Joe.  We don’t want anything to do with you.

Who's not plastic perfect?

‘Allo . . . .’allo . . . Hmmm, what handsome spores 😉

'Allo . . It's Oopsie Daisy

Argh!  Run away brother!  It’s cootie time!

Oooooh noooooo! We’re covered in cootie germs!  Oh will these horrors never cease?

Argh! Cooties! Germs!

Come back you two cuties . . . hee, hee! 😉

Come back, you cute spore heads . . .

Will the Toads manage to wash off their cooties and germs?  Will they recover from their adventure in the pink and purple room?  Come back next week; same ‘shroomy site; same ‘shroomy time.

From Under the Bed

When last we left our beloved Toads, little ol’ Toadie was busy lookin’ inside a box he found under the bed . . . .(imagine your best announcer voice)

Hmmmm, I never saw this before.  What’s inside this box . . . . 

Hmm, what's this thing I found under the bed?

If I could just get the lid off . . . Its kinda heavy for those little ol’ yarny stubs I call arms . . . 

What's in here?

Oh dear!  What are these?  Dolls?  Strange creatures?  Magical stuff?  And not one little bit of stuffing in sight . . . .

We’re not monsters.  We’re the “League of Super Evil” with members from DC and Marvel . . . Get a load of us! Hey Blob–grab that mushroom headed dude and crush is spore-filled head.  Maybe we can have mushrooms for dinner tonight . . . .hahahaha!

Wait'll they get a load of us 😉

Help me! Toado!  They got me and they’re gonna rip my head off . . . . aaaaaahhhh!

Ohhhh nooooo . . . . !!!

Don’t worry citizen.  We’ll save you.  We’re superheroes–say hello to the Justice League, the X-Men and the Avengers.  We’ll save you from the horde of horrible fiends.

Meet the superheroes!

If it’s a battle you want, goody-goody two-shoes, we’ll give you a battle royale!  Let’s get ’em!  We have an army!

Battle Royale

You have an army.  We have a Hulk!

Hulk smash! Argh!

Oh no!  Cousin Earl, what’s happened to you!  Where’s your stuffing?!  OMG!  Aaaaaaaahhhhh!  Hulk!  You monster!

Oh no! Cousin Earl! Where's your stuffing gone to?

When will the madness end . . . .

Bed Buddies

Toado here with my bed buddies.  We kinda “hang out” in the same room with our “landlord”–that’s the guy who takes care of us (he uses his old baby blanket which has seen better days, but the guy just won’t give it up).

Toado and his Bed Buddies

Meet Goomb–he was found at a local farmer’s market.  He doesn’t talk much and tends to keep to himself, but at least he hasn’t tried to take over the bed or the room.

Wee Goomba

There’s Bob.  Yes he’s a big blue monster, but he’s a good guy.  He’s a bit of joker but he’s handy to have around when the house cat sneaks into the room.

Bob the Blue Monster

Then there’s Leonard.  He’s a sock monster.  He’s been with the “landlord” for a long time.  He’s nice for a monster–maybe its because he came from a pair of used-up socks–stinky ones too!  But I’ll take stink over evil menace any day.

Leonard the Sock Monster

Toadie here too.  These are my bed buddies. There’s Bubba who is also a sock monster.  I think he’s Leonard’s brother.  They didn’t come from the same socks, but they came from the same feet.  How do I know?  They have the same stink!  Ha ha, I’m hiliarous.

Toadie and his Beds Buddies

Bubba the Woolen Sock Monster

And you’ve met my arch nemsis Eggy.  It’s not fair that Toado gets to sleep on a whole bed AWAY from Eggy (who reeks of evil).  Why do I have to suffer the eight-legged pain in the crocheted bottom?  Inquiring fungi want to know!  Why?!  Why me?!  It’s just not fair!

Remember me, Eggy? I fed the Toads mushroom soup . . . muah-haha!

So I’m gonna go sleep under the bed . . . wait, what’s this?  There are boxes under this bed.  Hmmmm, I wonder what could be in there . . .  

Hmmm, what's in this box?