Attack of the Clones or Plastic Menace?

Hey bro, you wanna . . . OMG, what’s on the table?  Bro, what is that?!

What's this?

It’s, it’s, it’s a plastic menace (so I’m a fan of George Lucas.  So sue me–ah please, don’t really sue me)!

Newcomers: Luigi, Mario, Yoshi and Toad

OMG its some kind of Toad impostor?  Kinda like a clone . . . OMG its attack of the clone (Again, George Lucas fan–oh so sorry, but you can’t blame me; after all, I’m only fungus.  I’ve got spores for brains).

Hatching an evil plan . . .

No brother, we’ve got fluff for brains–hee, hee!  But seriously brother, whatta we gonna do?  We gotta get rid of these plasta-posers (Get it? They’re plastic and they’re posers too).

Oha no, we justa wanna be friends.  We no bad.  Mama mia . . . Leave the gun; take the cannoli . . . oha no, wrong movie 😦

Oha no!

We don’t believe you, plastic Mario–if that’s you’re real name.  We got you covered–with this net! Ha, we’re too fast for you impostors.  Now you’re all trapped.


Trapped in a net

Bro, I’ll carry these  dudes away and hide them in a chest or maybe throw them in the wood room where the squirrel can chew on them . . . hee, hee.  We’re fast and furious funghi. 🙂

Taking out the trash . . .

No bro, we’re notoriously nice, but some times we gotta protect our precious pad from pretenders, parasites and poachers.

Evil Toad?

Who’s Eggy?

Ever wonder why this blog is called Mushrooms and Octopi?  It’s because of me!  Hi!  I’m Eggy and I’m an octopus.  Those scampy funghi never let me blog, but I discovered their password.  So now its my turn to write a cool post about me! 🙂


And I am uber-cool!  Don’t believe me?  Check out out these super-spy glasses.  Only the coolest dudes wear these.  James Bond would be proud (not Roger Moore cool, but Sean Connery cool–okay Daniel Craig is acceptable too).

Uber-cool Shades

Hey dude!  What’s up with the double-cross?!  Why’d you blog-jack our online presence . . . dude, you traitor!  You will suffer our wrath!

I`m so angry . . . I had to put on my angry eyebrows

Ahhhhhh!  This is so wrong!  Toadies, I’m so sorry . . . please let me doooowwwwnnnn . . .  

Ahhhhhhhh . . . .

You trecherous cephalopod . . . this will teach you to betray our trust.

No one double-crosses us

That eight-legged dude won’t be  blog-jackin’ anymore–hee, hee! 😀

We`re crazy funghi--and a wee bit mean too. Hee, hee!

Clickety-Click Go the Sticks

Since we got a wee bit chilly last weekend when we played in the snow, we decided to make some warm clothes.  Maybe we can try this knitting thing we keep hearing about.  After all, how hard could it be, right?


And like good brothers we help each other out.  Those needles are a little bit big–maybe a bit too big!

Knitting anyone?

Don’t worry brother.  I’ve got an extra needle to help you out . . . Guess this knitting thing isn’t as easy as it looks.

I don’t know about that bro  . . . that needle looks awfully sharp.

Hmmm . . . we need help

This isn’t right!  What did you do brother?!  Help me!

This can't be right

Watch out!  Those sticks are awfully pointy and sharp.  Some fun guy could get hurt . . .


Oh nooooo!  Ahhhhhhh!  This really hurts!!!

Brotherly love

Thanks bro for patching me up.

Well . . . it was the least I could do.  And I think I even managed to make something for your chilly melon.  Do you like your hat?

A Mushroom Cap

Bro!  That’s not a hat!  Its a mushroom cap!   Get it?  Ha ha . . .we’re hilarious 😀

Winter Time

Lovin' winter time

Isn’t winter time great, bro?

Just chillin' . . .Get it: It's cold out . . . haha!

You said it, bro!  Love the white fluffy stuff . . . but aren’t you a little bit chilly?  We’ve only got vests and diapers . . .

Snow angels, anyone?

Ha, ha! Diapers!  Are we babies?!  Ha, ha!  I fell in it!  Roll ’round with me bro.  We can make snow angels.

Snow mountain (and I'm the king)

Wow, where did this snow mountain come from?

Hangin' out with a new friend

Silly fungus! Its a snow man bro!  I think some kids made it.

This is so wrong . . . .

Oh no!  What’s happening?

Who's gonna help me?

I got my own problems bro . . . thanks heavens I’ve got a diaper on 😦

We need better friends :S

We gotta stop hangin’ out in these places–get it?!  We’re hilarious! 😉