Magic and Puppets and Stuff

We are really, really big fans of that magical guy with a scar and glasses . . . you know the one I mean.

I'm magic!

So this is not Toado speaking.  It’s really Harry Spotter (Get it?  Spotter?  I’ve got spots on my head.  Ha ha ha– I’m hilarious!)

That’s great brother!  Even though we have dots and ‘shroom caps filled with spores, I think I’ll be a magical fellow too.  Maybe I could be the best friend–you know the guy with red hair and freckles?  What’s his name . . . oh yeah, Spore Weasley!

I'm full of magical spores!

Ummm, that’s right bro;  you’re full of something (and it might not be just spores–hee, hee)

Two Magical Guys

So, in honor and appreciation of all things magical, we thought we’d share an awesome video montage with clips from all the movies.  Here’s the video montage:

And just for fun, you can check out a spoof of the magical world of HP over here:

Eeeek!  That mean teacher has a  scary moo-stache!  Ahhhhh!


We really are a pair of spore heads . . . *sigh*


A Couple of Sick ‘Shrooms

Achoo! Achoo!  Oh no, don’t feel too good bro.  I think I’m getting sick.  Could be the flu .  . .ooooohhhhhhhh . . . 

Couple of Sick 'Shrooms

Ahhhhh, I’m not feelin’ too good either.   Achoo! Ewwww, I snotted on myself.

Green Snot

Oh no!  I’m full of green boogies too . . . eeeewwwww!

Ugh! The boogey man!

Don’t worry boys.  I’ll take care of you.  Nurse Eggy to the rescue.  No hard feelings ’bout the past.  After all, I’m such a good egg.  I even made some soup for you.  It’ll make you feel better.

Nurse Eggy to the Rescue

Gee thanks Eggy.  You are a good egg!

Thanks Eggy 🙂

I got the recipe off the TV. . . . 

"Today's special . . . "

Oh no!  Mushroom soup!  You monster!

The horror!

Take the soup back!  Oh the horror of it all . . . what will Aunt Bessy say if she finds out we ate Cousin Earl . . . oh the humanity!

Ah! It burns!

Will the horrors never cease?

Hairy ‘Shrooms

Hee, hee!  Check out my new ‘stache.  Don’t it look epic?  Hey ladies . . . .

Check out the 'stache!

Hey bro, check out my moo-stachie?

Not a moo-stachie?

Um, little bro, have you got spores for brains–oh wait, you do.  Never mind . . . but seriously your ‘stache is in the wrong place!  You’ve got a uni-brow . . . not cool with the ladies.  Let me fix it for you.

Let me help you bro.

Thanks bro.  Now I look hip.  Think the ladies will like this better?

A proper moo-stachie

Ummm . . . . sure bro.  Whatever you say . . . *smirk, smirk*

That's not a 'stache. This is a 'stache!

What a pair of posers . . . *sigh*