From Under the Bed

When last we left our beloved Toads, little ol’ Toadie was busy lookin’ inside a box he found under the bed . . . .(imagine your best announcer voice)

Hmmmm, I never saw this before.  What’s inside this box . . . . 

Hmm, what's this thing I found under the bed?

If I could just get the lid off . . . Its kinda heavy for those little ol’ yarny stubs I call arms . . . 

What's in here?

Oh dear!  What are these?  Dolls?  Strange creatures?  Magical stuff?  And not one little bit of stuffing in sight . . . .

We’re not monsters.  We’re the “League of Super Evil” with members from DC and Marvel . . . Get a load of us! Hey Blob–grab that mushroom headed dude and crush is spore-filled head.  Maybe we can have mushrooms for dinner tonight . . . .hahahaha!

Wait'll they get a load of us 😉

Help me! Toado!  They got me and they’re gonna rip my head off . . . . aaaaaahhhh!

Ohhhh nooooo . . . . !!!

Don’t worry citizen.  We’ll save you.  We’re superheroes–say hello to the Justice League, the X-Men and the Avengers.  We’ll save you from the horde of horrible fiends.

Meet the superheroes!

If it’s a battle you want, goody-goody two-shoes, we’ll give you a battle royale!  Let’s get ’em!  We have an army!

Battle Royale

You have an army.  We have a Hulk!

Hulk smash! Argh!

Oh no!  Cousin Earl, what’s happened to you!  Where’s your stuffing?!  OMG!  Aaaaaaaahhhhh!  Hulk!  You monster!

Oh no! Cousin Earl! Where's your stuffing gone to?

When will the madness end . . . .