Hairy ‘Shrooms

Hee, hee!  Check out my new ‘stache.  Don’t it look epic?  Hey ladies . . . .

Check out the 'stache!

Hey bro, check out my moo-stachie?

Not a moo-stachie?

Um, little bro, have you got spores for brains–oh wait, you do.  Never mind . . . but seriously your ‘stache is in the wrong place!  You’ve got a uni-brow . . . not cool with the ladies.  Let me fix it for you.

Let me help you bro.

Thanks bro.  Now I look hip.  Think the ladies will like this better?

A proper moo-stachie

Ummm . . . . sure bro.  Whatever you say . . . *smirk, smirk*

That's not a 'stache. This is a 'stache!

What a pair of posers . . . *sigh*