Hairy ‘Shrooms

Hee, hee!  Check out my new ‘stache.  Don’t it look epic?  Hey ladies . . . .

Check out the 'stache!

Hey bro, check out my moo-stachie?

Not a moo-stachie?

Um, little bro, have you got spores for brains–oh wait, you do.  Never mind . . . but seriously your ‘stache is in the wrong place!  You’ve got a uni-brow . . . not cool with the ladies.  Let me fix it for you.

Let me help you bro.

Thanks bro.  Now I look hip.  Think the ladies will like this better?

A proper moo-stachie

Ummm . . . . sure bro.  Whatever you say . . . *smirk, smirk*

That's not a 'stache. This is a 'stache!

What a pair of posers . . . *sigh*


Attack of the Clones or Plastic Menace?

Hey bro, you wanna . . . OMG, what’s on the table?  Bro, what is that?!

What's this?

It’s, it’s, it’s a plastic menace (so I’m a fan of George Lucas.  So sue me–ah please, don’t really sue me)!

Newcomers: Luigi, Mario, Yoshi and Toad

OMG its some kind of Toad impostor?  Kinda like a clone . . . OMG its attack of the clone (Again, George Lucas fan–oh so sorry, but you can’t blame me; after all, I’m only fungus.  I’ve got spores for brains).

Hatching an evil plan . . .

No brother, we’ve got fluff for brains–hee, hee!  But seriously brother, whatta we gonna do?  We gotta get rid of these plasta-posers (Get it? They’re plastic and they’re posers too).

Oha no, we justa wanna be friends.  We no bad.  Mama mia . . . Leave the gun; take the cannoli . . . oha no, wrong movie 😦

Oha no!

We don’t believe you, plastic Mario–if that’s you’re real name.  We got you covered–with this net! Ha, we’re too fast for you impostors.  Now you’re all trapped.


Trapped in a net

Bro, I’ll carry these  dudes away and hide them in a chest or maybe throw them in the wood room where the squirrel can chew on them . . . hee, hee.  We’re fast and furious funghi. 🙂

Taking out the trash . . .

No bro, we’re notoriously nice, but some times we gotta protect our precious pad from pretenders, parasites and poachers.

Evil Toad?