Silly Spiders

Oh god! Toadette’s attacking me with her pencil spear!  NOOOOOOOO! I’m too attractive to die!

Time to get it Eggy!  Mwahahaha! Being evil is fun.

Oh no . . . . !!!!

Oh no . . . . !!!!

Not so fast Toadette! You won’t harm that octopus!

What? Who are you?  Mr. Goody Two Shoes?

I’m Octo-Spider and I’m here to put a end to your reign of terror!

I'm Octo-Spider!

I’m Octo-Spider!

Oh yeah . . .  right. I’ll put a stop to your little mischief ending, “Octo-Spider”.

Oh yeah, sure you will . . .

Oh yeah, sure you will . . .

Oh yeah? Take this! Web spray activate!

Ahhhhhh! You can spray sticky webs? Yikes! I’m all trapped in your sticky ooze!

Nooooo . . . .!!!

Nooooo . . . .!!!

And now. . . I’m gonna hang you upside-down now!

Eek! Curse you Octo-Spider!

Whaaaaa . . . . !!

Whaaaaa . . . . !!

Thanks Octo-Spider! I guess things are all wrapped up here! Hahahahahahahahahaha! I’m sooooo funny!

Hahahaha! You are pretty funny citizen. I guess the day’s saved for now.



S’up peeps! Toady and I have something pretty epic to show you.

Yeah! It’s gonna be sooo cool!

So, this is us before the epicness . . . Is epicness even a word? Anyways, two normal ‘shrooms here.

A couple of regular ‘shrooms . . .

F.Y.I, those two “normal” toads are us.

SHAZAM! Superheroes! Bet you didn’t see that one coming? It is I, Super-Toad!

I’m his partner, Toady-Man! We are soooooo epic!

Super Toads!

Wow! Who are you guys? You look like two other toads I know, but they don’t have your fashion sense.

Who are you, mysterious superheroes?

Hmmm… These two toads sound pretty epic. You should bake them some cookies or something.

Toady! We can’t abuse our powers to get cookies.  We’re superheroes! We have to be selfless, not selfish.

Cookies for being a superhero?!   That doesn’t sound right.  Hmmm . . . this is all very suspicious.  I think I need to go away . . . 

Meanwhile .  .  . 

So, Toady-man, what do you wanna do now?

Let’s go eat cookies!! I just love cookies! 

Mwahahaha! It is I, the Masked Bandit! I’ve come to destroy you and steal your cookies! 

The Masked Bandit

Eggy? Is that you? What happened?

I decided to become a villain who beats up mushrooms and steals their cookies! I am sooo bad.

Come on Toady-man.  Let’s get him! For the cookies!

Yeah! Let’s avenge the cookies!  The Masked Bandit  will suffer!  Bring it on!

Dog pile! Woo-hoo!

Dog pile!

Noooooo! Foiled by two toads in spandex! Why cruel fate?! Whhhyyy?!

Tune in next time for another exciting episode of Mushrooms and Octopi. Same toad time.  Same toad channel.

From Under the Bed

When last we left our beloved Toads, little ol’ Toadie was busy lookin’ inside a box he found under the bed . . . .(imagine your best announcer voice)

Hmmmm, I never saw this before.  What’s inside this box . . . . 

Hmm, what's this thing I found under the bed?

If I could just get the lid off . . . Its kinda heavy for those little ol’ yarny stubs I call arms . . . 

What's in here?

Oh dear!  What are these?  Dolls?  Strange creatures?  Magical stuff?  And not one little bit of stuffing in sight . . . .

We’re not monsters.  We’re the “League of Super Evil” with members from DC and Marvel . . . Get a load of us! Hey Blob–grab that mushroom headed dude and crush is spore-filled head.  Maybe we can have mushrooms for dinner tonight . . . .hahahaha!

Wait'll they get a load of us 😉

Help me! Toado!  They got me and they’re gonna rip my head off . . . . aaaaaahhhh!

Ohhhh nooooo . . . . !!!

Don’t worry citizen.  We’ll save you.  We’re superheroes–say hello to the Justice League, the X-Men and the Avengers.  We’ll save you from the horde of horrible fiends.

Meet the superheroes!

If it’s a battle you want, goody-goody two-shoes, we’ll give you a battle royale!  Let’s get ’em!  We have an army!

Battle Royale

You have an army.  We have a Hulk!

Hulk smash! Argh!

Oh no!  Cousin Earl, what’s happened to you!  Where’s your stuffing?!  OMG!  Aaaaaaaahhhhh!  Hulk!  You monster!

Oh no! Cousin Earl! Where's your stuffing gone to?

When will the madness end . . . .