Game Freak

Hey bro,  check out this electronic machine.   It looks kinda future-ish.

Umm . . .  Bro maybe we should just leave it alone. We kinda have bad luck with machines.  Remeber last week’s fiasco with the vacuum?  Remember?  All the pain?

 Yeah maybe . . . Hey! Controllers! It’s a video game! Yay!

Controllers! Video games! Yay!

I’m all tingly in my happy place . . . quick, let’s put a game on.  🙂

TMI dude.  T-M-I . . . .**shakes head in exasperation**

Zoo-wee mama, check out all the games!  Which one should we choose bro?

Hmmm . . . how ’bout this one . . . Mario Kart . . . hmm, remember that Italian fella we knew back home?  Wasn’t his name Mario?  Didn’t he have a brother . . . .what was his name?  Louie something . . .

Hey bro, it’s us!!  There’s a cute Toad on the screen!  We’re famous bro!!

Look at me bro!  I’m driving.   Hee, hee . . . this is a lot of fun 🙂

I'm driving!

Heeeeeeeyyyy little mushroom dudes, can I play too?

Can I play too?

What?!  Eggy?!!  No way!

You’re one evil cephalopod!   You’re too dastardly to play our ol’ video game . . .

Waaaah,   you’re both so mean to me  . . . waaaaah . . .  You’ll be sorry . . . . **sob, sob**

Waaaah . . . .!

Come on bro let’s keep playing . . .

Hey! What happened to the game?  Where did all the pictures go?

This device will self-destruct . . .

Uh-oh!  That doesn’t look good . . . !!  Why does this keep happening to us . . . ?!!

Hold me bro, I’m scared!

Oh no! This isn't good!



Ack!  My head . . . Bro, why is your arm on my head?!  Bro, where are you?!  Bro!!! Ahhhhhhh!!


Mwahahahahaha! I win! I win!

I win!

Little do those spore heads know that I am handy with a screw driver . . . I knew they wouldn’t let me play.  Luckily I prepared for such a response.

Tampering with the console

Hee, hee . . . . aren’t I a scamp?


A Suckin’ Tale

A Vacuum

Hey bro, check out this weird thing!

I think it’s called a “vacuum cleaner”.  Someone must have been cleaning house (not us . . . hee, hee)

What's this bro?

Hey this is actually kinda fun.  Look at me!  I climbed it bro!

I'm climbing this thing

Look at me!  I’m hanging out.  Get it?  I’m hanging on the cord . . . Ha ha!  I’m funny!  

Hangin' out!

Wheeee . . . . this is fun. Good thing nothing bad will happen. 

You said it bro.  How could a vacuum be a bad thing?

Nothin' bad can happen . . .

Dear god! What’s happening?!  It’s not just on . . . It’s alive! 

Oh no! Why does this always happen to us!?

Ah! It's alive!

Heeeeeyyy! It’s caught my feet!  My feet . . . my feet are stuck . . !  Help!  Bro!  Please help me!

Ah! It's sucking me up . . . !

Oh dear god!  It’s still inhaling me!  Brother, help me!  It’s sucking my feet up into its innards . . . I can’t break free . . . brother . . . heeeellllp!!

It's sucking me into its innards . . . !

I can’t . . . It’s got both of us!  Ack!  My face, my precious face . . . !  NOOOOOOOO!


Ack! My face!

Arrrrgh . . . **muffle, muffle**

**muffle, muffle**

Ha ha!  My evil plan worked!  Mwahahahaha!

My evil plan is working

Hello tasty lookin’. You’re the purrr-fect snack.

Mmmm, I like seafood . . .

What? Hey you, furry whiskered thing . . . stop!   No kitty . . . bad kitty.  Don’t touch!   Ugh!

No kitty . . . bad kitty . . . don't touch that!

Mmmmm . . . meow . . .

Nothing to Report

Hmmm . . . move along, move along . . . there’s nothing to see here.

Move along . . . move along

Ummm, Toado can you be quiet?  I’m trying to rest and relax in my cozy sleeping bag (it’s really somebody’s slipper, but it fits so nicely).  I’ve invited some friends over for a sleepover, so shush!

Hee, hee . . . sleepover!

No Toads were hurt in the publication of this post–for once (although I can’t make any promise that I won’t knock off Toadie’s block–he is asking for it.  After all no one tells me to “shush”–no one!).

Nightie night!


Hmmmmm, how ’bout we learn about this “Easter” thing bro.  There’s a bunny that delivers treats–treats bro!!

Reading 'bout bunnies

Hey bro, check me out:  I’m an Easter bunny . . . ha ha!  Hey bro, what ya lookin’ at?  Bro?

Ha ha! I'm the Easter bunny 🙂

Sorry bro, I just saw something on the table . . . its a purple basket.  Let’s check it out.

What's in this basket?

Ahhhh, treats!  We got stuff from the Easter bunny!  We must’ve been good little fungi 🙂

So many eggs filled with treats and toys . . . I’m so happy bro! 🙂

What’s that other thing bro?

You mean that jar thingy?  Don’t know bro.  Let’s check it out.

What's that in the jar?

What is that yellow thing in the jar?  It’s really yellow.

Looks like an egg.  Oh gee, something is starting to hatch from the egg . . . hmmmm, wonder what it is?

Is it a present?  Can we take it out?

Maybe we should leave it in the jar, bro.  Lately we haven’t had good luck with mystery presents.

It's hatching!

But what harm could this little thing do?  Look, its kinda cute and fuzzy . . . let’s take him out and dry him off . . .

Okay bro.  It’s probably safe . . . he is kinda cute.

OMG, its a cute little chick . . . awwwww!  He’s got bunny ears.  He must be another gift from the Easter bunny!

Hmmm, not sure he’s that cute.  He’s got  a funny look in his eyes . . . He’s getting closer.  Wait, that’s no cute chick . . . Ack!  It’s a zombie chick!  OMG!

When zombie chicks attack . . .

For the love of pete . . . .why?  Why?!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It’s gonna get us!


What are we gonna do bro?   I’m so scared . . . ahhhhhh!  Oh the horror!

OMG, he’s taking control of the other Easter toys . . . they’re obeying his every command!

They're all attacking!

Oh for the love of pete, someone please help us!  I’m too young to die.

I’m too awesome to die.  Why does this keep happening to us?!

An Eggy History

Hi! This is Toado and Toadie. We’re just looking up Eggy’s history on the Interweb.

Ahhh, this is how that dastardly cephalopod came into creation. Some knit-wit made him.

We should have known that some knit-wit decided to make him–from a pattern no less!  What’s wrong with humans?!

Aren’t we human?

Uhmmm, I choose not to answer that foolish question, you silly spore head.  And check out those striped tentacles . . . haha, he’s held together with fluff and string.  Hmmmm, then why is he so evil?

Hee, hee, stripes are soooo last week

Maybe we should find out about his family tree?  Maybe the fluff is evil?  Or maybe the yarn came from some evil sheepies (no sheepies . . . bad sheepies).

But he’s not even made of wool . . .he’s acrylic!  Maybe acrylic is evil?  Maybe we need to find out more about octopi . . .

Yuck! There’s some of Eggy’s relatives! Too many slimy, gross tentacles. If I had  relatives like that, I’d be evil too.  Maybe it’s the tentacles that make him evil?

Look at all those icky tentacles

You silly spore head!  Tentacles don’t make you evil.  Look at this little guy.  He’s got tentacles and he’s sooooooo cute! Wish someone in my family was that cute . . . oh wait, I’m that cute!

Cute little octopus

Wait….. What’s this? Oh the horror! Eggy’s related to this evil monster- type thing . . .what’s a Cthulhu?! Oh no, I’m scared brother.  Hold me.

This is scary . . . No wonder Eggy is an evil monster! He’s related to that horrible creature . . . oh no, it’s an elder god from another dimension . . . the horror!

Hold me . . . I'm scared!

Oh no brother, what’s that squishy sound?  

Evil! Squishy evil!! With tentacles!!!

Bro, help me please!  It’s strangling me with those icky sticky tentacles . . . Ack!  It’s sucking my soul . . . .  Oh nooooo! Why me?!

I’ll suck you dry little toad! Mwa ha ha!

Oh no! My little spore filled soul . . . !!

Ahhhhhh . . . . !!

Hee hee!  It helps to have relatives in dark, dark places.

Hee, hee . . . I'm evil 😉

That should take care of those annoying little funghi.