Let’s Go-Go!

Just another post-holiday in the household, when something strange appeared . . .  

Yo-yo, we're go-go's

What’s with all the hub-bub? ( Ha ha, I like that word.)

What's all this?

Don’t you mean colourful hub-bub, Bro?  They look like colourful aliens!

So many colours . . . .

So many purty colours, like a rainbow.  Awwwww . . . Wait, what’s happening . . . this rainbow is coming alive! 

What's happening . . . ?

Stop attacking me!  Help!  Help me Bro!

Ahhhhhhh . . . !!

I can’t help Bro!  I got my own problems . . .

Holy crap, they've got me tied up!


Holiday Cheer

Guess you all had fun during the holidays.  ‘Cuz we sure did.

Fun to Hide in a Soft Stocking

You said it bro!  We had fun decorating and wrapping gifts.  But I think we had a hard time with the wrapping.

Paper Mishap

I think we had a harder time with the ribbon . . . it had a mind of its own!  Eeek!  I got a little tied up . . . Hahaha!  Tied up?  Get it?  We’re hilarious!

Ribbon Mishap

And Santa was awfully good to us!  Yippee!!

More Stockings!

We love Santa, Bro! 🙂

Lots of Presents

Happy holidays, peeps!

A Walk in the Woods

Ah, this is the life . . . . just hanging out in a tree, enjoying nature.  I like nature.

Ahhh . . .

Hey, bro!  How ’bout these cool rocks  check ’em out.

Which one is the rock ? Ha ha!

Which one is the rock?

Hey bro, look it’s our cousin Earl.  He only hangs out on trees. Hee, hee!

One fun guy with another fungi 😉

We like hangin’ out on trees too!

Two tree-lovin' bros . . .

Yup, this is awesome!  Great views, fresh air . . . we’re a pair of  lucky ‘shrooms.

What a beautiful pond

The pond

You said it bro.  We sure are lucky 🙂

Life is good

Enjoy your weekend, li’l peeps, ‘cuz we’re gonna enjoy ours 🙂

Hunting for my Bro

Toado here.   Just looking for my bro.  Well, he’s not outside. Better keep lookin’.

Lookin' out the window: you out there, bro?

Maybe he’s upstairs?  OMG!  That’s a lotta stairs!

Lotta stairs . . .

Too many stairs . . .

Hey bro, you in here, in this big ol’ box of stuff?  Bro?!


Nope, not in the drawer . . . just a bunch of video games, haha.

Just video games in here

Hmmm, wonder if he’s up here.  He can’t read, but maybe he’s checkin’ out the comic books.

On the book shelf?

Climbing this bookshelf is hard work . . .

Huff, puff . . .

Holy crap, I’m falling . . .

Ahhhhh . . . .

Scream . . . . !!!!!!

Dude, I’m just chillin’ with my homey Yoshi.  Chilax!

Dude . . .