Where No Toad has Gone Before . . .

And what new adventures do the Toads find themselves in today (use your best announcer voice for that one) . . . 

Hey we never saw this door before . . . 

Maybe we should check it out bro.

Hmm, what's in here . . .

Ack, the room is pink and purple!  Who lives here?

Eeek, what are those  big furry things . . . Bro, I’m scared.  Hold me.

Grrrrrrr . . . . wanna have a bear hug?


OMG! Somebody save me from this horrible fate . . . ahhhhhhhh!  These bears are too big and too hairy!

Bear hug!

Mama, mama . . .


OMG!  I’m too young to be a momma . . . and the wrong gender too!


Hey who lives in this fancy schmancy house?  It’s so purple-y and pink . . . Yuck!  Where’s the Pepto Bismal?

Fancy schmancy house

We do.  I’m Barbie and this is Belle.  What are you?

Barbie and Belle

Hubba hubba . . . you’re both so purty . . . I’m Toadie.

Uhm, I’m Toado.

Gross, you’re not perfectly plastic like Ken or GI Joe.  We don’t want anything to do with you.

Who's not plastic perfect?

‘Allo . . . .’allo . . . Hmmm, what handsome spores 😉

'Allo . . It's Oopsie Daisy

Argh!  Run away brother!  It’s cootie time!

Oooooh noooooo! We’re covered in cootie germs!  Oh will these horrors never cease?

Argh! Cooties! Germs!

Come back you two cuties . . . hee, hee! 😉

Come back, you cute spore heads . . .

Will the Toads manage to wash off their cooties and germs?  Will they recover from their adventure in the pink and purple room?  Come back next week; same ‘shroomy site; same ‘shroomy time.