Yo, Bro!

Guess who?

Guess who's joining the par-TAY?

Guess who’s joining the par-TAY?

I has tentacles!!

I has tentacles!!

I has tentacles!!

Oh yeah!  Bros in the house!


Who’s Eggy?

Ever wonder why this blog is called Mushrooms and Octopi?  It’s because of me!  Hi!  I’m Eggy and I’m an octopus.  Those scampy funghi never let me blog, but I discovered their password.  So now its my turn to write a cool post about me! 🙂


And I am uber-cool!  Don’t believe me?  Check out out these super-spy glasses.  Only the coolest dudes wear these.  James Bond would be proud (not Roger Moore cool, but Sean Connery cool–okay Daniel Craig is acceptable too).

Uber-cool Shades

Hey dude!  What’s up with the double-cross?!  Why’d you blog-jack our online presence . . . dude, you traitor!  You will suffer our wrath!

I`m so angry . . . I had to put on my angry eyebrows

Ahhhhhh!  This is so wrong!  Toadies, I’m so sorry . . . please let me doooowwwwnnnn . . .  

Ahhhhhhhh . . . .

You trecherous cephalopod . . . this will teach you to betray our trust.

No one double-crosses us

That eight-legged dude won’t be  blog-jackin’ anymore–hee, hee! 😀

We`re crazy funghi--and a wee bit mean too. Hee, hee!