Musical Madness

Hmmm…I wonder what this big case is?

What’s in here?

What about this colourful book? Ahhhh, look at all those musical notes . . .

Music . . .

All these notes must be for whatever is in this case.  Hmmm, maybe I should look inside . .  .  . Wow!  So shiny!  What a lovely trumpet.  I gotta try it out, but first I gotta get it out of its case.

Wow! So shiny!

Gotta give this a try.

Heave-ho! It’s really heavy! If only I could lift it higher . . . Ugh!  This is so hard ‘cuz its too heavy.  Hmmm, what if I yank on it one last time?  Oh no!

Arrghh! Mpphh! Mrrrphh!

Argh . . . !

Sorry you’re trapped little fungus, but I can’t help you right now.   I got rhythm.  I gots to play this snazzy bongo! Boom-ba, boom-ba.  Ba-ba-bongos! Do ya like my bongos?

Gotta play the bongos . . .


Look at what I found:  pretty black case . . . ooohhhhh.  I gotta check out what’s in here. 

Look what I found!

Wow! Look at this huge guitar! I just gotta play it! Now, how do I get it out of the case?

Yippee, a guitar!

Oh no! It’s gonna fall on me! Nooooo! I’m too epic to die!

I’m too epic to die!

Arrghhh! Mrrphhh! Grumble! Mrrr!


Okay you silly fungi.  I’ll help you get out of your jams if you help me in my jam–jam session, that is!!  Come on you fun guys! 

Let’s jam!

I love the ba-ba-bongos!

Toot, toot . . . Dig that rhythm, cool cats!

Strum, strum, da-dum . . . Oh yeah, we rock dudes!