Comic Strip Mishap

Hey peeps, this is a little comic strip that Toadie put together.

Hope you’re enjoying your summer vacation ‘cuz we sure are! ¬†ūüėČ


Crazy Comics

Hey bro! ¬†Look at this cool box! Let’s check it out!

What’s in this box?

No way hozay bro! I’m not getting beaten up again! Remember last time? That hurt!

I remember getting beaten up by super villains . . .

Right bro, good point. Hey, I got an idea. ¬†Let’s get Eggerten to open it.

Shhhhh, don’t use his real name. ¬†He’ll get all “octopi” on you.

Right bro.  Hey Eggy! Get over here and check out this box for us!

Mmmm, ¬†let me think about it . . . . ¬†‘kay, but I get 50%!¬†

Hmmmm . . .

What’s in it Eggy? Is it gold? Money? An inflatable cookie?

Even better! Come see the loot! ¬†It’s wonderful!!

Great Scott! Comic books! Woo-hoo! I love comic books!

Lots o’ comics . . .

Awwwww . . . no money or cookies, but it’s still good loot.¬†

Check out all these cool adventures!

I know! These rock! 

Hee-hee! This one is hillarious! Good times . . .

OMG! These rock!

Hey! What’re you guys doing to my comics? They’re no longer mint condition! Bob’s getting very, very angry. . . . !

Bob’s getting angry . . . !

Oh no! Bob’s gonna kill us!¬†Why me?!

I’m too epic to die!

¬†I just wet myself….good thing I’m still in diapers!

Mother . . .