Hmmmmm, how ’bout we learn about this “Easter” thing bro.  There’s a bunny that delivers treats–treats bro!!

Reading 'bout bunnies

Hey bro, check me out:  I’m an Easter bunny . . . ha ha!  Hey bro, what ya lookin’ at?  Bro?

Ha ha! I'm the Easter bunny 🙂

Sorry bro, I just saw something on the table . . . its a purple basket.  Let’s check it out.

What's in this basket?

Ahhhh, treats!  We got stuff from the Easter bunny!  We must’ve been good little fungi 🙂

So many eggs filled with treats and toys . . . I’m so happy bro! 🙂

What’s that other thing bro?

You mean that jar thingy?  Don’t know bro.  Let’s check it out.

What's that in the jar?

What is that yellow thing in the jar?  It’s really yellow.

Looks like an egg.  Oh gee, something is starting to hatch from the egg . . . hmmmm, wonder what it is?

Is it a present?  Can we take it out?

Maybe we should leave it in the jar, bro.  Lately we haven’t had good luck with mystery presents.

It's hatching!

But what harm could this little thing do?  Look, its kinda cute and fuzzy . . . let’s take him out and dry him off . . .

Okay bro.  It’s probably safe . . . he is kinda cute.

OMG, its a cute little chick . . . awwwww!  He’s got bunny ears.  He must be another gift from the Easter bunny!

Hmmm, not sure he’s that cute.  He’s got  a funny look in his eyes . . . He’s getting closer.  Wait, that’s no cute chick . . . Ack!  It’s a zombie chick!  OMG!

When zombie chicks attack . . .

For the love of pete . . . .why?  Why?!


Ahhhhhhhhhhh! It’s gonna get us!


What are we gonna do bro?   I’m so scared . . . ahhhhhh!  Oh the horror!

OMG, he’s taking control of the other Easter toys . . . they’re obeying his every command!

They're all attacking!

Oh for the love of pete, someone please help us!  I’m too young to die.

I’m too awesome to die.  Why does this keep happening to us?!