Bros and Brains

I’m so excited!  I got a bro!  Take that, you silly Toads!

I’m so excited!

Sup.  My name’s Iggy.

Sup . . .

Pardon my bro.  He’s still being born . . . umm, maybe he’s being assembled . . . by the way, what is that white stuff sticking out of your head?

What’s this white stuff?

OMG, what’s ooozing out of my head?!  Ahhhhh, it’s my brains!!!

Ahhhh . . . my brains!

What are those hands doin’ to you, bro?  Are they stitching your brains back into your melon?

Oh the pain!!

Oh the pain . . . !!!

Ahhhhh, my brains are fixed, but what the heck is wrong with my doodle?!  And where the heck are my tentacles?!

Stop pinching my doodle . . .


Searching for a Bad Egg

Oh, how I hate that dastardly cephalopod! Cooking Cousin Earl like that was just mean.   Hopefully now that he’s “wanted”, someone will find him, right bro.

Yeah . . . although Cousin Earl did taste pretty good . . . but that’s not the point, is it?  Let’s see what these critters have brought in.  They’re all lookin’ for reward money.

Everyone is lookin’ for reward money.

Oh, hey Kirby.   Did you find Eggy for us?

Uh-huh! Hiiiii!

Hiiiiiiii . . . .

Kirby! That’s not Eggy; that’s deodrant!  Silly Kirby! Next . . . (We’re in for a long, but nice day).

Hey Toads! It’s me! Bob! I found the little scoundrel!  Now pay up mushroom dudes!

Bob has captured something.

Sorry Bob that’s not Eggy either.  It’s a little purple octopus.  Geez, what’s the matter with everybody today?

Hello Toads!  It’s-a-mia!  Mario!  I-a-found the criminal for you!

I-a-found the little fella.

Uhhhh, I don’t think so Mario.  Eggy isn’t a piece of paper (and if he was, he’d be coloured better). Move along you moustached Italian dude!

Oh no, Kirby is back . . . Kirby, Eggy is a name and not an actual egg.    That’s just a water bottle; and just because there’s an egg on it doesn’t mean it’s Eggy.

Hiiiiii . . .

Kirby, go home!  Next!

Hulk found Eggy! Give Hulk moo-lah! 

Hmmmm, sorry Hulk. That’s not that a dastradly cephalopod.  It’s a purple octopus.  No moo-lah for you.

Hulk find Eggy

Grrrr! Hulk Smash! Ahhhhh!


Hey there strong guys.  I found this little striped guy.  Is this your Eggy?

Hey fellas . . .

 Hmmm Lady, its the right colour but it looks too small . . .

The right colours, but too small . . .

Oh please call me Octavia.  You fungi are such polite little fellas.  

Gee thanks Miss Octavia.

Hmmmm, this lady looks familiar . . . Wonder how she looks without her hat  . . . 

What’s under this hat . . . a bowler!

Aha! Eggy!  I knew it!

******1 hour later******

I’m so glad we found that Eggy, bro.

It sure was nice to collect the reward money too.

So glad we found that Eggy

Whhaaa!  My poor doodle! 

Whaaa, my doodle!

That’ll teach that dastardly cephalopod from fooling us.

We did it!

That’s right bro.  No one pulls the wool over our eyes.  Get it:  we’re made of wool . . . ha, ha!

Who’s Eggy?

Ever wonder why this blog is called Mushrooms and Octopi?  It’s because of me!  Hi!  I’m Eggy and I’m an octopus.  Those scampy funghi never let me blog, but I discovered their password.  So now its my turn to write a cool post about me! 🙂


And I am uber-cool!  Don’t believe me?  Check out out these super-spy glasses.  Only the coolest dudes wear these.  James Bond would be proud (not Roger Moore cool, but Sean Connery cool–okay Daniel Craig is acceptable too).

Uber-cool Shades

Hey dude!  What’s up with the double-cross?!  Why’d you blog-jack our online presence . . . dude, you traitor!  You will suffer our wrath!

I`m so angry . . . I had to put on my angry eyebrows

Ahhhhhh!  This is so wrong!  Toadies, I’m so sorry . . . please let me doooowwwwnnnn . . .  

Ahhhhhhhh . . . .

You trecherous cephalopod . . . this will teach you to betray our trust.

No one double-crosses us

That eight-legged dude won’t be  blog-jackin’ anymore–hee, hee! 😀

We`re crazy funghi--and a wee bit mean too. Hee, hee!

Clickety-Click Go the Sticks

Since we got a wee bit chilly last weekend when we played in the snow, we decided to make some warm clothes.  Maybe we can try this knitting thing we keep hearing about.  After all, how hard could it be, right?


And like good brothers we help each other out.  Those needles are a little bit big–maybe a bit too big!

Knitting anyone?

Don’t worry brother.  I’ve got an extra needle to help you out . . . Guess this knitting thing isn’t as easy as it looks.

I don’t know about that bro  . . . that needle looks awfully sharp.

Hmmm . . . we need help

This isn’t right!  What did you do brother?!  Help me!

This can't be right

Watch out!  Those sticks are awfully pointy and sharp.  Some fun guy could get hurt . . .


Oh nooooo!  Ahhhhhhh!  This really hurts!!!

Brotherly love

Thanks bro for patching me up.

Well . . . it was the least I could do.  And I think I even managed to make something for your chilly melon.  Do you like your hat?

A Mushroom Cap

Bro!  That’s not a hat!  Its a mushroom cap!   Get it?  Ha ha . . .we’re hilarious 😀