Edible Toad?

Hey bro, checkout this dessert type thing . . . what does it remind you of?

Is it cake?

Ummmm . . . is it a cake? It’s cake, isn’t it?

Of course it’s cake!

D’uh!  Of course it’s cake. But what kind of cake? Take a closer look.  Does it look familiar?

Does it look familiar?

Oh yeah, it’s a Toad cake! Cool.   🙂

Very cool 🙂

Wait, that’s not cool! What are they doin’ to that Toad cake bro?

Don’t worry bro.  It’s just some candles . . . to celebrate something . . . ummm, maybe its somebody’s birthday–or something . . .

I dunno bro.  I don’t like fire.  There’s fire on that cake.  Can’t be very good for the cake . . . . Wait bro, what’s that sharp knife thing doing to the cake?

Oh no!

Noooooo . . .  !!

Nooooo . . . !

You monsters!  How could anyone hurt a defenseless Toad?!

You monsters!

The horror . . . the horror . . . 😦


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