Seeking Asylum

Hmmm, never been in this room before . . .

Is it safe?

Don’t worry guys.  This room should be a good place to hide.  That freaky deaky Toadette won’t find us in here.  And neither will her monster.

What’s in here?

Hey what’s this stuff behind the door?

Hey look at me!  I’m Super Egg!

Super Egg!

This is fun.  We can climb these giant vines (mmmmm . . . smells like coconut).   Wheeeeeee . . .

Whee, look at me!

Eeeek, I’m stuck!  Help me brother.  I think this vine is trying to strangle me . . . . ack!

Help brother . . . I’m stuck!

How ’bout we stop climbing vines and check out this big mountain.  It almost looks like one of the beds in our room–only much, much bigger.

Hmmmm, what’s this?

Maybe its one of those electric blanket thingies . . .try it out Eggy.

What’s this? An electric blankie thingie?

Feels cozy . . . and snug. 

Wonder what this button does?

Aaaackkk!  What’s happening . . . I can’t breathe–this thing is squeezing me!  I can’t feel my doodle!

Ack! Can’t breathe! Too tight . . .

How do I stop this thing!

Bro, stop touching stuff!  No more buttons!

Stop pushing buttons!

How ’bout checkin’ out what’s over this ridge . . .

What’s over the ridge?

What’s that?

Could it be another ridge?

Another ridge?

Feels cozy amd comfy  . . .


Pew! What’s that smell?  Ack! It’s got me trapped!

Ack! Something smells . . .

Ahhhhh!  It’s a giant!  Help me bro!


Help you?  Who’s gonna help me?!  Ahhhh . . . !


It’s Alive!

Wwwwhat are we doin’ here bro?  It’s dark and creepy.  I’m scared out of my spores . . . 

Don’t worry bro.  We’re trying to find out what that dastardly female fungus is up to.  I need to know if she’s finished creating her monster.  Maybe we can stop her.  Shhhh, I hear something . . .


Muah-hahaha!  Those little boy toys will be pooping in their diapers when they see my latest creation . . . 

I just need a little electrical activity to get the juice flowing into my monster . . . she needs to be alive!

It’s not quite alive . . .

But why did we bring along that cephalopod?  He’s even more scared than me.

Bro, he’s a victim of Toadette too.  He deserves to know what’s going too.

Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!  Get it off!  Get it off!


Spiders!  Ahhhhh!

What the . . . ?!!


Ackkkk, there’s one on me too!!  Help!

There’s one on me! Help!

OMG!  There’s a big one on me too . . . **muffle, muffle**


Oh god, I’m gonna be spider chow!  

I’m spider chow . . . !!

Hmmmm, wonder where my spider pets are?  No worries.  Those carnivorous arachnids can fend for themselves. I’ll just have to teach them to stay away from my monster when she comes to life . . . muah-hahah!


Double Trouble

Hey peeps, check out our uber awesome sports car (please ignore the chicken on the side).  Isn’t this great!  We’ve been giving her spin ’round the place, just to see how fast it can go . . . vroooom, vrooom!!

Vroom, vroom!

Yeah it’s epic–like me!

Ummm, don’t think you’re that epic bro.  But you’re right that this is one sweet ride.  I think I’ll call her Susan.

Wheee . . .

And you’re a very good driver too bro.

Gee thanks bro.  Let’s check out the rest of this place.  Maybe we’ll go a little faster .  .  .

Watch out!  Not too fast!  Don’t wanna crash into the coffee table or the cat . . . aaaahhhhh . . . .

Not too fast . . .

Hey stop bro.  I see something strange up ahead . . .

Hmmmm, who’s that up there?  There’s someone under the light . . .

Let’s climb this big brown mountain and hide behind this ridge. 

Who’s that?

OMG!  It’s the container culprit!

OMG!  It’s Toadette . . . hold me!  I’m scared!

She’s sewing something . . . oh dear heavens, it looks like she’s making another Toadette!!

Making another Toadette . . . !!




Heaven help us!  Now we’ll have double the trouble!  And twice the pain.

I don’t wanna go in two jars!!

Capturing the Container Culprit

Hey bro, check out my undercover costume.  Isn’t it sweet?  Don’t I look like a bad boy?  We’re wearing undercover stuff to find out who trapped Toady and Eggy in those giant jars.

Check out my awesome disguise.

And don’t forget ’bout my triple light-sabers–aren’t they totally awesome?!

Triple Light-sabers

Don’t forget about me bro! I’m wearing a sweet cap too! Armed with a special spear, I’m ready for anything!

Check out my hat.

I really like my bobble-head pencil . . ummm, I mean spear.  It’s very cool and very jiggly.

Bobble-head Mario!!

I’m helping too! Me and the Toads have a truce until we catch who–or what–ever did this to us.  And with my bullet-proof bib and awesome glove,  I can’t be stopped!

I gotta bullet-proof bib.

With all three of us cooperating and working together, nothing can stand in our way! Let’s go hunting!

We decided to set a trap.  We think the culprit is a female.  That’s right–a girl!  So we’ve used a colourful bracelet, sparkly dangling earrings and some lipstick.  What girl could resist?

Lipstick and jewellry–oh my!

Are you sure the ladies like thus stuff?

Be quiet you!  Get the trap ready and wait until something sets it off.

The trap is ready.

*****************meanwhile, several hours later . . . .********************

Something is inside . . . .

A-ha!  Something got trapped . . .I wonder what or who is inside?

Ack!  It’s pink stuff . . . 

Ack! Pink stuff!

******************several more hours later . . . *********************************

Something else has set off the trap . . .

You’d think all that pink pony poop would have been too smelly to attract anyone or anything else . . go figure?

Oh no fellas . . .what’s this?  I’m a little scared Toads . . . 

Hey fellas, you’re cute . . .

Ahhhhhh . . . not her again.!!!!

Ack . . . no kissy face !!  Run away, runaway!!!

Ack . . . !!

Hey Toad dudes, I just found this weird note . . . check it out!  Who’s this Toadette character?


Oh man, I think we’re in for a heap of trouble . . .