A Couple of Sick ‘Shrooms

Achoo! Achoo!  Oh no, don’t feel too good bro.  I think I’m getting sick.  Could be the flu .  . .ooooohhhhhhhh . . . 

Couple of Sick 'Shrooms

Ahhhhh, I’m not feelin’ too good either.   Achoo! Ewwww, I snotted on myself.

Green Snot

Oh no!  I’m full of green boogies too . . . eeeewwwww!

Ugh! The boogey man!

Don’t worry boys.  I’ll take care of you.  Nurse Eggy to the rescue.  No hard feelings ’bout the past.  After all, I’m such a good egg.  I even made some soup for you.  It’ll make you feel better.

Nurse Eggy to the Rescue

Gee thanks Eggy.  You are a good egg!

Thanks Eggy 🙂

I got the recipe off the TV. . . . 

"Today's special . . . "

Oh no!  Mushroom soup!  You monster!

The horror!

Take the soup back!  Oh the horror of it all . . . what will Aunt Bessy say if she finds out we ate Cousin Earl . . . oh the humanity!

Ah! It burns!

Will the horrors never cease?


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