The Toads Strike Back

Hey peeps!   How ya been?   We’re gonna pull an awesome prank on our arch-nemesis  Toadette!

We’re gonna prank Toadette!

We’re finally gonna get revenge! 

Woo-hoo! I feel like I’m back in the good old days! 

Ssssshhhh!   Here she comes!


I can’t wait to get the Toads and Eggy again.  What should I do this time . . . .hmmmmmm . . . .

What to do to the Toads and Eggy next?

Wow, look at this box!  I bet I could store some of my stuff in a box this big.   I’m gonna check it out.

What a big box!

Heave-ho! Climbing this box is tough, but I’m almost at the top . . . 

Wow. that was tough.

Heeeeeyyy, there’s writing on the cover . . . 

They’re dead!

OMG! The Toads and Eggy are dead!  They must’ve died after I tortured them . . . oh no, I’m a murderer!


Nooooooooo!  Who will I torture now?!  If I can’t torture anybody, how will I have fun?


Hahaha! You fell for it!

You should’ve seen the look on your face!


Curse you! I’ll get you guys next time!

Curse you!


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