Camping Stuff

So we’re on vacation . . .

In the woods!

We’re on vacation!

Where else would we go camping, bro?  Besides, the woods are a great place to find fungi . . . hee, hee.

How ’bout the backyard?

Oh Eggy . . . 

Camping in the woods . . .

Check out our sleeping bags . . . cozy and comfortable.  I get one to myself  🙂

Comfy sleeping bag 🙂

Some of us smell . . .

What’s that?

Um, some of us are small–yeah, that’s it.  We have to share ‘cuz we’re small, but this sleeping bag is so big . . .

Right bro.  We’re small . . . so are bugs.  Can bugs get in here, bro?  Hope the bugs don’t bite . . . 

Cozy . . .

Don’t worry ’bout the bugs, bro.  That smelly cephalopod will attract any poor bug that sneaks into our tent.

Later peeps,


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