Seeking Asylum

Hmmm, never been in this room before . . .

Is it safe?

Don’t worry guys.  This room should be a good place to hide.  That freaky deaky Toadette won’t find us in here.  And neither will her monster.

What’s in here?

Hey what’s this stuff behind the door?

Hey look at me!  I’m Super Egg!

Super Egg!

This is fun.  We can climb these giant vines (mmmmm . . . smells like coconut).   Wheeeeeee . . .

Whee, look at me!

Eeeek, I’m stuck!  Help me brother.  I think this vine is trying to strangle me . . . . ack!

Help brother . . . I’m stuck!

How ’bout we stop climbing vines and check out this big mountain.  It almost looks like one of the beds in our room–only much, much bigger.

Hmmmm, what’s this?

Maybe its one of those electric blanket thingies . . .try it out Eggy.

What’s this? An electric blankie thingie?

Feels cozy . . . and snug. 

Wonder what this button does?

Aaaackkk!  What’s happening . . . I can’t breathe–this thing is squeezing me!  I can’t feel my doodle!

Ack! Can’t breathe! Too tight . . .

How do I stop this thing!

Bro, stop touching stuff!  No more buttons!

Stop pushing buttons!

How ’bout checkin’ out what’s over this ridge . . .

What’s over the ridge?

What’s that?

Could it be another ridge?

Another ridge?

Feels cozy amd comfy  . . .


Pew! What’s that smell?  Ack! It’s got me trapped!

Ack! Something smells . . .

Ahhhhh!  It’s a giant!  Help me bro!


Help you?  Who’s gonna help me?!  Ahhhh . . . !


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