Double Trouble

Hey peeps, check out our uber awesome sports car (please ignore the chicken on the side).  Isn’t this great!  We’ve been giving her spin ’round the place, just to see how fast it can go . . . vroooom, vrooom!!

Vroom, vroom!

Yeah it’s epic–like me!

Ummm, don’t think you’re that epic bro.  But you’re right that this is one sweet ride.  I think I’ll call her Susan.

Wheee . . .

And you’re a very good driver too bro.

Gee thanks bro.  Let’s check out the rest of this place.  Maybe we’ll go a little faster .  .  .

Watch out!  Not too fast!  Don’t wanna crash into the coffee table or the cat . . . aaaahhhhh . . . .

Not too fast . . .

Hey stop bro.  I see something strange up ahead . . .

Hmmmm, who’s that up there?  There’s someone under the light . . .

Let’s climb this big brown mountain and hide behind this ridge. 

Who’s that?

OMG!  It’s the container culprit!

OMG!  It’s Toadette . . . hold me!  I’m scared!

She’s sewing something . . . oh dear heavens, it looks like she’s making another Toadette!!

Making another Toadette . . . !!




Heaven help us!  Now we’ll have double the trouble!  And twice the pain.

I don’t wanna go in two jars!!


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