Game Freak

Hey bro,  check out this electronic machine.   It looks kinda future-ish.

Umm . . .  Bro maybe we should just leave it alone. We kinda have bad luck with machines.  Remeber last week’s fiasco with the vacuum?  Remember?  All the pain?

 Yeah maybe . . . Hey! Controllers! It’s a video game! Yay!

Controllers! Video games! Yay!

I’m all tingly in my happy place . . . quick, let’s put a game on.  🙂

TMI dude.  T-M-I . . . .**shakes head in exasperation**

Zoo-wee mama, check out all the games!  Which one should we choose bro?

Hmmm . . . how ’bout this one . . . Mario Kart . . . hmm, remember that Italian fella we knew back home?  Wasn’t his name Mario?  Didn’t he have a brother . . . .what was his name?  Louie something . . .

Hey bro, it’s us!!  There’s a cute Toad on the screen!  We’re famous bro!!

Look at me bro!  I’m driving.   Hee, hee . . . this is a lot of fun 🙂

I'm driving!

Heeeeeeeyyyy little mushroom dudes, can I play too?

Can I play too?

What?!  Eggy?!!  No way!

You’re one evil cephalopod!   You’re too dastardly to play our ol’ video game . . .

Waaaah,   you’re both so mean to me  . . . waaaaah . . .  You’ll be sorry . . . . **sob, sob**

Waaaah . . . .!

Come on bro let’s keep playing . . .

Hey! What happened to the game?  Where did all the pictures go?

This device will self-destruct . . .

Uh-oh!  That doesn’t look good . . . !!  Why does this keep happening to us . . . ?!!

Hold me bro, I’m scared!

Oh no! This isn't good!



Ack!  My head . . . Bro, why is your arm on my head?!  Bro, where are you?!  Bro!!! Ahhhhhhh!!


Mwahahahahaha! I win! I win!

I win!

Little do those spore heads know that I am handy with a screw driver . . . I knew they wouldn’t let me play.  Luckily I prepared for such a response.

Tampering with the console

Hee, hee . . . . aren’t I a scamp?


One thought on “Game Freak

  1. Cousin Earl says:

    Hey Toads! How ya doin!

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