Bed Buddies

Toado here with my bed buddies.  We kinda “hang out” in the same room with our “landlord”–that’s the guy who takes care of us (he uses his old baby blanket which has seen better days, but the guy just won’t give it up).

Toado and his Bed Buddies

Meet Goomb–he was found at a local farmer’s market.  He doesn’t talk much and tends to keep to himself, but at least he hasn’t tried to take over the bed or the room.

Wee Goomba

There’s Bob.  Yes he’s a big blue monster, but he’s a good guy.  He’s a bit of joker but he’s handy to have around when the house cat sneaks into the room.

Bob the Blue Monster

Then there’s Leonard.  He’s a sock monster.  He’s been with the “landlord” for a long time.  He’s nice for a monster–maybe its because he came from a pair of used-up socks–stinky ones too!  But I’ll take stink over evil menace any day.

Leonard the Sock Monster

Toadie here too.  These are my bed buddies. There’s Bubba who is also a sock monster.  I think he’s Leonard’s brother.  They didn’t come from the same socks, but they came from the same feet.  How do I know?  They have the same stink!  Ha ha, I’m hiliarous.

Toadie and his Beds Buddies

Bubba the Woolen Sock Monster

And you’ve met my arch nemsis Eggy.  It’s not fair that Toado gets to sleep on a whole bed AWAY from Eggy (who reeks of evil).  Why do I have to suffer the eight-legged pain in the crocheted bottom?  Inquiring fungi want to know!  Why?!  Why me?!  It’s just not fair!

Remember me, Eggy? I fed the Toads mushroom soup . . . muah-haha!

So I’m gonna go sleep under the bed . . . wait, what’s this?  There are boxes under this bed.  Hmmmm, I wonder what could be in there . . .  

Hmmm, what's in this box?



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