Winter Time

Lovin' winter time

Isn’t winter time great, bro?

Just chillin' . . .Get it: It's cold out . . . haha!

You said it, bro!  Love the white fluffy stuff . . . but aren’t you a little bit chilly?  We’ve only got vests and diapers . . .

Snow angels, anyone?

Ha, ha! Diapers!  Are we babies?!  Ha, ha!  I fell in it!  Roll ’round with me bro.  We can make snow angels.

Snow mountain (and I'm the king)

Wow, where did this snow mountain come from?

Hangin' out with a new friend

Silly fungus! Its a snow man bro!  I think some kids made it.

This is so wrong . . . .

Oh no!  What’s happening?

Who's gonna help me?

I got my own problems bro . . . thanks heavens I’ve got a diaper on 😦

We need better friends :S

We gotta stop hangin’ out in these places–get it?!  We’re hilarious! 😉


2 thoughts on “Winter Time

  1. Patti Huston says:

    I love what you’re doing here. Great idea. Keep the good stories coming!

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