Hunting for my Bro

Toado here.   Just looking for my bro.  Well, he’s not outside. Better keep lookin’.

Lookin' out the window: you out there, bro?

Maybe he’s upstairs?  OMG!  That’s a lotta stairs!

Lotta stairs . . .

Too many stairs . . .

Hey bro, you in here, in this big ol’ box of stuff?  Bro?!


Nope, not in the drawer . . . just a bunch of video games, haha.

Just video games in here

Hmmm, wonder if he’s up here.  He can’t read, but maybe he’s checkin’ out the comic books.

On the book shelf?

Climbing this bookshelf is hard work . . .

Huff, puff . . .

Holy crap, I’m falling . . .

Ahhhhh . . . .

Scream . . . . !!!!!!

Dude, I’m just chillin’ with my homey Yoshi.  Chilax!

Dude . . .


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